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Latest News: Greens call for public interest to be put first in Lydiard decision

Swindon Area Green Party has called on Swindon Borough Council to put public interest before profit when making their decision on which bid will be successful in running Lydiard Park. Swindon Greens have expressed their support for a community-led rather than commercial bid to ensure that the Park is run for the benefit of the residents of Swindon and not principally for the benefit of those seeking to make a quick profit. The Party also welcomed councillors from across the political spectrum working together to ensure a fair bidding process. Two community-led bids have been received to run the site: … Continue reading

Latest Blog Post: Sun setting on World Bank support for fossil fuels

Headline-grabbing announcement of the day is definitely that “The World Bank Group will no longer finance upstream oil and gas, after 2019”. While many will see the 2 year delay as a disappointment, the fact that the organisation is putting its weight firmly behind a move away from fossil fuels is a welcome one. The huge amount of support that the industry relies on, not least from national governments, is only part of the story though. Luckily, there is plenty more to the World Bank’s One Planet announcement. You can see the full text here. As well as moving away from … Continue reading