Local Manifesto

The Swindon Area Green Party fully endorses the National Manifesto of the Green Party of England & Wales. We also want to see real change for the benefit of all those who call Swindon home.

Italicised items are Swindon Area Green Party local policies which are drawn from the principles laid out in the local manifesto.


‘recognising our heritage, working now for the future’

We believe in fuller integration of transport policy.

A formal, integrated transport policy should be formed and adopted by Swindon Borough Council with any planned road improvements or changes to public transport being informed by that policy with the intention that such works should not impact negatively upon transportation within the town.

The transport policy should put an emphasis on encouraging people to use public transport, not only to ease the flow of traffic but also to improve air quality in Swindon.


  • We support the renationalisation of the train service and want to see a general lowering of off-peak fares to create greater accessibility to rail travel.
  • We call for the specific lowering of fares on the London – Swindon/ Bristol – Cardiff line, to create both greater commuting opportunities and potential for Swindon’s further growth economically and as a population hub.
  • We lobby for the re-opening of Swindon-area rail stations to enable easier public travel via traditional trains or an urban tram system.


  • We advocate that in any redevelopment of Swindon’s bus station, that it should be relocated closer to the rail station to create a transport hub.
  • We call for an expansion of bus routes and frequency of services to all parts of greater Swindon.
  • We support further subsidy and the lowering of off-peak fares to enable increasing bus usage.

Roads and Cycleways

  • We call for the planned replacement of traditional street/cycleway lighting for all routes with brighter and less-expensive LEDs.
  • We support the extension of the existing cycleway network to allow greater and safer cycle usage – noting Bristol’s ‘green city’ approach.
  • We call for increasing pedestrianisation and lower speed limits near all schools and invite School Governing Bodies to consider ways to reduce the number of ‘school runs’.

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Economic Regeneration

‘building up a town which values its people’

  • We support the redevelopment of the town centre, local high streets and neighbourhood parades with increasing numbers of independent shops, and will resist the development of further supermarkets and edge-of-town retail parks.
  • We encourage a ‘shop local’ policy.
  • We advocate increasing local production of food, with fairer payment for farmers, producers and growers.
  • We call for the faster development and implementation of an area-wide digital communication infrastructure, such as high speed internet.
  • We support the development of employed home-based workers to decrease daily commuting.
  • Therefore we support ‘mixed econom’ residential planning to enable more appropriate live-work units.
  • We advocate the redevelopment of brownfield sites and will seek to reduce greenfield development if there are brownfield alternatives.
  • We look to colleges and schools to help further create entrepreneurial enterprise to encourage both the development of new businesses and employment of young people.

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Policies For People

‘creating a community in which all are valued’

  • We shall demand that Swindon Borough Council, their contractors and suppliers to pay both the living wage’ and have no zero- or minimum-hour contracts.
  • We will actively resist any bedroom tax evictions.
  • We will demand that any ‘outsourced’ leisure facility cannot charge high admission or user charges to Swindon residents*.
  • We will work with community, neighbourhood and other groups to create viable and inexpensive solutions to retaining community facilities for use by those of all ages.

* Swindon Area Green Party Policy:  Protecting Swindon’s Parks and Leisure Facilities

We believe public parks and leisure facilities currently owned by Swindon Borough Council should continue to be run by Swindon Borough Council, or a not-for-profit organisation, for the benefit of Swindon residents. In addition to this, no not-for-profit organisation should hold a lease to run these facilities for more than 25 years.

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Environment, Health & Well-Being

‘building up a community which values its own well-being’

  • We will repeal the green waste collection charge.
  • We will advocate sustainable projects, including further encouragement of current recycling schemes and the promotion of community/localised composting practices.  We advocate that all Swindon Borough Council premises and schools, should set an example by implementing such schemes themselves.
  • We will work with energy providers to create greater use of solar and other sustainable energy sources**.
  • We support increasing local provision of growing spaces, particularly allotments, for individuals, families and community groups.
  • We will demand greater integration of NHS provision, from hospitals and GP/Health Centres, with supportive Swindon Borough Council social care practices – all to be free at both point-of-need and delivery.

** Swindon Area Green Party Policy: Renewable Energy Sources for Swindon

We are in favour of renewable energy sources being placed on brownfield sites unless there was a good reason not to have them placed on such sites. In reference to the proposed Wroughton Airfield Solar Park, we believe there are many excellent reasons for the construction of the Wroughton solar farm to go ahead and no viable reasons why this project should be postponed or cancelled.

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Communication & Vision

‘creating a fairer future in which everyone is proud of Swindon’

Over the coming few years, we will advocate and hold a Swindon-wide consultation in neighbourhoods, schools, businesses, community and faith groups to create a long-term vision for a greener, fairer Swindon, giving “our place” a renewed, vibrant, stronger national profile.

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